Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables

Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables: The Carpet Cleaning Professionals There are plenty of companies around the Miami-Dade County area that offer carpet cleaning services. From small, local companies to large corporate owned franchisees. But Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables is a name that you can trust for great service each and every time. We offer a wide variety of carpet cleaning services. Plus, we are dedicated to keeping our city here in Florida (along with your home) beautiful, safe, and clean. Our dedication to the environment goes beyond other such services you can find here. To learn more about our carpet cleaning services, read on.   Services for All Types of Carpet Are your carpets high pile or low pile? Made of special materials that require special cleaning techniques? Perhaps your carpets are handmade and need special attention. Or maybe you feel as if your machine made high-quality carpet needs the best treatment out there. Luckily, we have the equipment and cleaning supplies needed to make any carpet look great. With just one cleaning, your carpet, even in the most high-traffic areas, will look fantastic. We can clean every inch of your carpets in your home, from your living room, to dens, stairs, and everywhere in between. We can also spot-treat or clean problem areas that may have stained or look especially shabby due to pets or children. Environmental Commitment The world needs more companies that take into account the toll that using the wrong cleaning supplies can wreak on the environment. Here at Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, we are dedicated to keeping our planet just as beautiful as it has always been. Our environmental commitment means that we use only safe and all-natural cleaners. We also do our best to dispose of all our waste in an environmentally conscious way. Doing so means that we keep the local groundwater and environment from being contaminated. It also means that your home stays safe for pets, children, or anyone else who might come into contact with the areas that we have recently cleaned. Compare us to any other company in the area. You will notice that our dedication to environmental service outshines any other local company. Set-up Your Appointment Today Want to deep clean your home? Getting ready for a big event? Looking to give your house an instant facelift? Then you need to call us here at Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables today at (786) 373-4010. Someone will be standing by to answer any of your questions and book you for an appointment or consultation. In some cases, we will also be able to give you a price estimate on the job if it is very large. Then, we can have someone out to you in just a few days to complete your job. Look below to see pictures of some of our former work. We know that after calling us just once, you will never go back to the other... Read More

Rug Cleaning Coral Gables

Rug Cleaning Services You Can Trust Rugs can add a pop of color to a room or tie the whole theme together. But when they appear to look less than their best, they can make your home look less than topnotch. Rugs present a real conundrum to home and business owners, however. You simply cannot throw your rugs in your washing machine or beat all the stains and grime out of them. So what do you do? You call people like those cat Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, that’s what! They help you to clean your rugs with knowledge and equipment that you simply do not have in your home. In just a few days, we can make your rugs look brand new and great again. Why Contact a Professional As mentioned above, most people do not have the proper equipment or cleaning supplies to clean their rugs in their own homes. But, other than that, why should you contact a professional cleaning service to have your rug cleaned? The reasons are many. Skimping on paying the price for a professional service can result in your rugs not looking so great when you get them back. In some cases, you might even receive a rug back that has been damaged. When you contact Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, however, you can rest assured that your rug is in the best hands possible. Each of our cleaning technicians is trained in the latest in green techniques, using all-natural products to make your rugs look great once more. Renew Your Rugs Instantly What does dirt and grime do to a rug? Over time, it causes colors and patterns to fade. Spots and stains can appear from pets, children, or with heavy foot traffic. When in your home, having a dirty rug is one thing. Your home might not look as great to those who happen to be over at your place or those who live in your home. But having a dirty rug in a place of business or institution could also be a real issue. It reflects negatively upon you, all of your workers, and even your business. But with a simple quick cleaning your rug can look great again. Details and colors will come back to vivid life. When your rug is laid down upon tile or wood floors, it will shine again. Let Our Professionals Serve You Today Seeking a great, local business to help you renew your rugs in a flash? Want to turn to someone you can trust to preserve even your oldest and most fragile rugs? Seeking a fantastic service that cares about the environment as much as you and your family does? If so, then give us here at Carpet Cleaning Coral Cables a call at (786) 373-4010. We can tell you more about our pricing, or schedule a time to come and pick-up your rug that needs cleaning. Then, we can bring a clean rug back to you in just a few days.... Read More

Upholstery Cleaning Coral Gables

Unexpected Places Dirt Can Hide: Upholstery Cleaning We know the places that dirt hides in our homes: bathrooms, sinks, and on floors. But have you ever thought about how often you use the furniture in your home? Nearly every day, most likely. Why would you not clean something that you use on a daily basis? In most cases, that seems pretty slovenly. Cleaning your upholstery on a regular basis can create a healthier, happier home. Not only that, but it can keep your furniture and window treatments looking great. If you are curious about how upholstery cleaning can make your home a better place, read on.        Create a Cleaner Home Did you know that dirt and grime, when left unchecked, can seriously build-up over time? This build-up happens so very gradually that you might not notice it from one year to the next. But with just one cleaning you will certainly notice the difference. Your fabrics will instantly look brighter, cleaner, and appear much less shabby. Clean away all the stains left from food, pets, or even from children. Your home, property, or business will look fantastic with newly clean furniture, curtains, and more. Plus, a clean home is a healthy home. We all know that when everyone is healthier, they are more likely to be happy. Banish allergens, odors, smells, stains, and much more with just one cleaning. Cleaning All Your Fabrics Are you afraid that your older furniture might not be able to withstand a cleaning? Feel like some of your upholstery fabrics might need special treatment? Some fabrics, like lace or velvet, might, indeed need special treatment. Here at Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, we can clean all of your fabrics. We clean leather, suede, microfiber, wool, synthetic fabrics, or even those that are handmade. You can call us to clean your furniture, window treatments, curtains, slipcovers, and much more. Our professionals can take care of it all. We help people just like you, on a daily basis, to get their upholstery, window treatments, carpets, and rugs clean. Contact Us Today Give us a call today at (786) 373-4010 if you are looking for a great place to turn for the best in upholstery cleaning. Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables can take care of it for you. Just give us a call and let us know how we could help you, or any questions that you might have. We will gladly schedule you for an appointment, arrange a pick-up, or let you know more about prices and cleaning techniques. Then, our staff members will take care of whatever you need. We promise you that after just calling us for one cleaning job, you will love the results. Your curtains and upholstery will look renewed, and will be free of any odors or stains. If you are unsure, feel free to take a look at the results of just some of our cleanings... Read More

Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables

Here in The City Beautiful, we know all about keeping our city looking great. But keeping the city pretty, happy, and healthy does take some work. The same can be said for your home. It can be a real struggle these days to find a business who knows the latest in carpet cleaning techniques, who has the right equipment, and who does a quality job, every time. Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables is different. We have the skills, knowledge, and tools to clean your carpets safely, quickly, and right the first time. And cleaning carpets is not all we do. To learn more about our company, who we are, and what we offer, read on.

Why Keeping Your Carpets and Upholstery Clean is Important

Your home is your haven. You probably clean often. But if you do not take your time to properly clean both your carpets and upholstery, then you are not entirely cleaning your home. Dirt, germs, and other items get trapped in those area of your home too. Unlike your typical cleaning service, we can take care of them. Just one cleaning can breathe new life into either your carpets or upholstery or both. Failure to clean these items can result in not only items that appear shabby, but also a home environment that is less than ideal for your family, friends, and guests. Although you might not be able to clean these things yourself, there are people out there who can help. Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables is one such service.

What We Can Do for You

So what can we do for you? We offer a wide variety of services to those in the Coral Gables area. To name just a few, we offer:

  • Carpet cleaning;
  • Rug cleaning;
  • Upholstery cleaning;
  • Water damage restoration
  • Services that are environmentally sound and entirely safe;
  • Professional cleaners who understand just what it takes to seriously get your carpets and upholstery clean;
  • The right tools to complete the job right the first time, and a price for each service that covers everything that we might need.

Proud to Serve Coral Gables

Here at Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables, we are passionate about keeping the City Beautiful just as beautiful as it has always been since it was first founded in 1925. We are a local company who loves to partner with local home owners, business owners, and institutions. The pride that we take in Coral Gables itself is seen in the pride that we take in the work we perform daily. If you are not sure about the services that we offer, or what sets us apart from other companies in the area, simply take a quick look around our website. We are sure that with just a few clicks, you will see what makes Carpet Cleaning Coral Gables the absolute best when compared to other companies in the area that offer the same services.

We offer the highest quality and most advanced carpet cleaning services Read More

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